Increased Loyalty and Customer Retention: Surprise and Delight

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One of the most powerful marketing strategies that companies can leverage is surprise and delight, as it builds on the strong emotions and memories that can be created through unanticipated happiness. When companies decide to cut through the predictability of everyday life and offer unique experiences, they will be sure to generate increased loyalty and customer retention, which in turn bolsters their bottom lines.

ClickZ emphasized that another reason why surprise and delight marketing is highly effective is that it plays into the dynamics of today’s online culture. Going viral is now an important new aspect of word of mouth, spreading the brand’s identity to new eyes through the power of others’ desire to share content. The source pointed out that unexpectedness is often a critical component of videos that achieve viral status. For example, when 12-year-old Mason Ramsey, also known as Lil’ Hank, gave an impromptu yodeling concert in a Walmart in March, the video achieved more than one billion views not just because of its catchy tune and yodeling, but also due to its quirky visuals and dance that was then made into countless memes. Similarly, any company can use gestures of kindness, compassion, humor and humanity to drive buzz. This not only helps the customers who were the direct recipients of these actions, but it presents an appealing image to potential ones as well.

However, ClickZ pointed out that companies should also be careful not to imitate others’ ideas at surprise and delight. To make these strategies work, companies must be sure to deliver experiences that are right for their particular target audiences. As long as they keep this in mind, this unique type of marketing can become an indispensable tool.