3 Ideas for Successful Client Relationships

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It is no secret that for any relationship to be (and remain) successful, the relationship must be a priority. Reflection should always take place as to how the relationship can be improved as well as maintained. Luckily, we’ve got some ideas to help you build and maintain client relationships.

1)     Honest and transparent communication — This may seem like a no-brainer but clear communication is the number one most important aspect in any successful relationship. Respect and trust are built through open and honest communication, providing a strong foundation for the relationship to flourish. Although digital communication is easy and accessible, it is vital to include some in-person time.

2)     Challenge yourself to think about things differently – Sometimes when relationships have a type of longevity, you can get comfortable and fall into a routine. But, in today’s digital age, what worked yesterday will not work tomorrow. And, with some client/customer relationships, ideas and programs can become inaccessible. As a true partner, it is your job to challenge yourself and your team to think differently and authentically. They can be small tweaks in a program to keep it fresh and exciting. Or, you can identify new trends that support larger and more innovative changes.

3)     Remove friction – To be a great partner, you must be aware of the barriers your clients might face. Individual and unique to each client, the ways in which you remove barriers must also be individual and unique. You want to make their life easier and help solve their problems. However, at times, there is tension, inflexibility, operational challenges, all things we like to call – friction. Whether it be adding value to their program, addressing outliers uniquely, creating specialized integrations or offering a favor here and there. There’s always a creative solution if you’re open to compromise and new ideas. Removing friction is key to great, long-lasting client relationships.