Advertise with Entertainment®

Entertainment® provides an easy and free advertising program to connect your restaurant or local business with millions of consumers.

How it Works

You Provide a Special Offer

Provide one or more promotional offers – whatever is best for your business. There’s no fee and you can update at any time. Over 40,000 local businesses trust us to deliver results.

We Promote Your Business

We promote your restaurant or local business to 100,000s of Members who use the Entertainment® Coupon Book, mobile app, website and corporate rewards programs.

Customers Use Your Special Offer

With multiple ways to redeem, customers can easily find and use your offer. Our Members consult our app, website and emails before making plans.

You Attract New Customers

When you partner with us, your doors open and your phone rings. You’ll see our Members return to your business again and again without a discount.

Connect with Customers

Entertainment® advertises your restaurant or small business through mobile, online and printed channels. We put your offer in front of over 5 million potential customers.

Promote Your Business

Market Your Business

We do the work for you by marketing your restaurant or local business through our mobile app, website, Entertainment® Book and corporate programs.

Find New Customers

Thousands of consumers use Entertainment® offers every day. Feature your brand to the right consumers at the right time.

Nationwide Reach

Entertainment® Members have access to our entire database of offers across North America. Get exposure to new customers nationwide.

Simple to Set Up

There’s no catch. It’s free and easy to get started. Plus, we have a merchant support team to help along the way!