11 Reasons to Advertise with Entertainment®

Entertainment® is the best way to advertise a restaurant or local business

  • You’ll connect with millions of consumers. Entertainment® provides an easy solution to bring in new customers to your restaurant or business through mobile, online and printed discounts.

  • Increase your sales. 83% of Entertainment® Members visit a business because they had an Entertainment® offer. 72% of them go back, even without a promotional offer.

  • We offer a risk-free advertisement solution. You only honor a discount to a paying customer. There’s no waiting for payments, there’s no charge for placement and there’s no bill at the end of the month.

  • There’s no catch when you advertise with Entertainment®. Your offer is promoted digitally, you can update or cancel any time.

  • Entertainment® has the best marketing ideas for your restaurant or local business. We advertise your brand on our website and app – reaching millions of users every month. Entertainment® Members receive engagement messages promoting local offers, including yours!

  • Our mobile app notifies Members when they’re close to your location. Members simply tap the notification to access your mobile offer right away or save it for later use.

  • Schools and community groups use Entertainment® Books and Digital Memberships as a fundraising tool. Your participation helps local schools and groups in your community raise money.

  • Entertainment® Members have access to our entire database of offers across North America. Your offer gets exposure to customers in your area and to business travelers and vacationers across the country.

  • Training is made simple! We provide training materials to help prepare your team to accept your offer.

  • Entertainment® partners with Fortune 1000 corporate clients to provide customized programs for their employees and customers – providing even more distribution for our advertisers.

  • Your offer can be in our database within 72 hours! You’ll see results right away.